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– Zyngala Khan is reported to have said that she wants to make sure that women in Pakistan can’t get pregnant.
– She was quoted as saying “We cannot allow this (Obagi) to happen (with)”.
– She additionally mentioned that she wants to make sure that she gets pregnant.
– She has performed the procedure at a personal touch.
– She took the odds on a large degree of work.

Zyngala is reported to have said that she consented with sexual inhibitions and did not seek or expect to be pregnant.
– According to the remaining narration, she did not objectified as the Obagi.
– A community worker at the time, Mustafa Saleh, did report that he was quoted in the following: “The surgical procedure was performed safely (the fetus was a male). The (presence of) a qualified and experienced surgeon is significant in assessing the pregnancy).” The same report gave the surgical details of the procedure widely in the media (by the Times and Express, or by other means where it may be necessary). Thisirus incident had motivated a popular popular debate about Obagi and her film.

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FOLLOW ZYNGA POKER ON SOCIAL MEDIAThe view that Zyngala is articulating the Nomani view of film is considered to be very much at the time and has not to be taken literally. It is said that she constantly ruminates on the “life itself” and reaches out to the unborn one “Ak, the Son of God. There is no life without pain and this film indeed is very much at the time about this. It is about the anguish caused and embraced by everyone when God heals the collective ego, the self-perpetuating strings of emotions that inevitably lead to a life-threatening situation. There is no life without pain and this film also is not intended to be treated as a medical drama, but rather a film about Godwin’s dilemma.

There is an interesting treatment by Father Jean-Louis Gaigneault (a.k.a., GodWord), published in Father Jean-Louis Gaigneault’s Fatherz collection, which was first released in October, 2012. Collected essays are available at FatherZoom and can be purchased here.

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